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One thing I love about the first few weeks of January is that the grocery stores seem to have more healthy foods on sale than normal. I take advantage of the savings by stocking up on the healthy things we eat regularly, and also by trying some new things. Like a lot of other bloggers, I opted to stay in yesterday rather than brave the winter wonderland. That gave me plenty of time to check out some of those new-to-me finds.

Breakfast was a new-to-me treat, Kashi 7-grain waffles.

I’ve never bought these before because they’re a bit on the expensive side so it was a treat to see them on sale. I usually buy the “other brand’s” low-fat waffles. They’re pretty good when I want a waffle fix, but don’t keep me full for very long. These new waffles were delicious! They had tons of flavor and kept me full for several hours. The ingredients were much less processed and, for those who are wondering, they’re the same number of PointsPlus values  as “those other” waffles. I’m definitely going to watch for these to go on sale again and for coupons.

For lunch, I decided to fix something I’ve read about quite often in the blogosphere, but never tried until yesterday. Tempeh!

The cooking directions on the package were a little vague so I wanted a tried-and-true way to eat it. Most recently, I remembered reading about tempeh on Cynthia’s blog. A quick search led me to her directions for Banh Mi. I didn’t have any spinach and I don’t really like carrots so no banh mi for me. However, I did get the inspiration to put my tempeh in a wrap and I heated it according to her directions. Inside the wrap I layered romaine lettuce, sprouts, the tempeh and dijon mustard. The tortilla was so full that I couldn’t really get it to wrap and ended up eating it like a taco.

I really, really liked the tempeh and will definitely buy it again, on sale or not. Cynthia informed me (via a reply to my comment on her post) that tempeh had a “different texture.” She was absolutely right, but I found it to be a nice texture. It’s very hard to describe the flavor, but there’s lots of it! If you haven’t tried tempeh, I’d encourage you to give it a go.

With my tempeh wrap, I had a mug o’ lentil soup from the batch I made on Sunday.

This was also a new-to-me recipe from The Volumetrics Eating Plan. My husband bought this book a few years ago when he first became interested in eating more healthy. We successfully made a few recipes and then sort of forgot about it. I revived it in my recent quest for new recipes and found a lot of dishes I want to try. This one is definitely a keeper.

Together, it made for a wonderful, filling lunch.

My husband got home from work pretty early and we headed to the gym for a triceps and chest workout. He recently downloaded the free JEFIT app for his android phone and has been torturing me with it sharing it with me. We haven’t really even begun to dig into all the features, but we’ve figured out the basics.

Basically, the app lets you view and select exercises by the part of the body you’re aiming to target.

The app has several predefined workouts which you can do as is or add/remove exercises to suit your needs. You can also start from scratch by selecting individual exercises to create your own routine.

If you’re not sure how to perform a certain exercise, there’s also a free downloadable player that allows you to view animations for each move.

So far we’ve done two of the preset workouts using this app and I must say that I’m impressed. My husband has some experience with weights and likes the way it’s put together. I’m fairly new to “real” lifting and it’s still easy for me to use. It’s helping me build my confidence around the free weights and machines which is a huge benefit in my mind.

After our workout it was home for dinner, also a new recipe. This one came from the same cookbook as my lentil soup from lunch. Italian Turkey Spirals were time consuming t0 prep, but fun to assemble and tasted delicious!

As suggested in the recipe, I also made the Tomato and Fresh Basil Sauce (a separate recipe in the same book) to go with the spirals. Served with whole wheat spaghetti, this was the perfect mix of protein and carbs for a post-workout meal. Oh, and there are green beans hiding in the back there for some veggie goodness.

My husband was super impressed with this dinner and I really liked it, too. I’ll definitely make it again. Since we didn’t use much of the sauce, there was enough left over to freeze and use later for another meal.

What new food or fitness ideas have you discovered in 2011?

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First and foremost, don’t forget to head over to Erin’s blog today for the final hours of her Auction & Bake Sale to benefit cancer research. A little birdie told me that she’s getting extremely close to the milestone mark of $1,000 raised. How exciting would it be to meet and even exceed? Head on over and get your bids e-mailed to her soon. Bidding ends TODAY at 5pm EST.

My next 5k is coming up in about a week and half (yay!) and I’m already thinking about what to wear. The problem is that my growing belly isn’t very compatible with the running gear that I already own. Shirts are fine, but shorts are becoming a struggle. The maternity stores and departments only seem to carry yoga pants which are fine for strength training or (duh) yoga, but they’re less than ideal in this situation. I tried on a pair of running shorts in a larger size at Target yesterday. They fit in the front, but the back was droopy and slid off my waist when I moved around.

So, now I’m on a mission to find some maternity workout gear suitable for running and longer walks outdoors this summer. I’m honestly surprised that this is uncharted territory. My ideal would be shorts or not-too-long capris made of a wicking material. Bonus would be if I could find something with a pocket large enough to hold my camera so I could always be ready for that perfect, bloggable moment. This is when I wish l was one of those creative minds on Project Runway and could just sketch what I want, buy the fabric and sew away while Tim Gunn critiqued over my shoulder and told me to “make it work.”

I didn’t realize how little I ate yesterday until I uploaded the pictures this morning. Trust me, though. The calorie content was plenty sufficient. Not my most outstanding day.

Before leaving the house, I made a yummy egg white & turkey bacon sandwich on a whole wheat English muffin…and then I left it sitting on the kitchen counter! I was so mad. I didn’t have any breakfast goodies in my desk so I was left to hit the deli across the street for coffee and a homemade banana nut muffin.


I felt slow and weak during my workout at work session on my lunch hour. I’m blaming it on the sugar overload from my impromptu breakfast choice.

I was excited to try my new soup, Amy’s Organics Curried Lentil, for lunch. I really wish I could tell you that I loved this. Truth is, it was pretty disappointing. It was almost flavorless and I didn’t really like the consistency. It didn’t look any more appetizing in person than it does in the picture, either. I ended up only eating about half of the bowl which was probably a good thing because the calories and sodium content weren’t the greatest. I’d try more soups from this brand. Just not this one. The one yummy thing about my lunch was the big glass of cold water with a packet of True Lemon. Love that stuff!


One thing I will give the soup is that it was filling. I didn’t need an afternoon snack. I made it comfortably through until dinner which was one of our classic favorites, chicken baseballs. Check out the previous post for photos and the recipe. The beauty of these is that they’re a protein and a starch. Our only side dish was salad.

The rest of the evening was spent curled up on the couch with my pooch and my husband while watching The Biggest Loser. We’re exciting, aren’t we? We hit the hay pretty early so that he could make his 3:00 alarm clock and I could get up early to workout.

By the way, HAPPY EARTH DAY!

What are you doing today (or every day) to preserve Mother Earth?

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“Don’t pay the ransom. I’ve escaped!”

That’s what we used to say in my family when someone called home after being away for a while with no contact. Corny, yes. Very fitting to our family. 🙂

I apologize for my extended absence. As any US resident probably knows, it was Income Tax week. This is, to us working in a local Income Tax department, what the week before Christmas is to those working in retail. In one word: CHAOS! I had 0 time to snap photos of my food and my evenings were pretty much just commute, eat dinner and crash.

Now I’m back and excited to start blogging and commenting again. I’ve missed you all bunches and look forward to getting caught up on what’s going on in all of your worlds.

I won’t waste anymore time. Let’s get down to business!


Breakfast was a quick sammie made with an egg, 2% American cheese slice & a Boca Chik’n Patty all on low-cal bread. No, mom. I didn’t take the picture while I was driving. I snapped it quickly in the driveway before hitting the road.


The morning snack was a string cheese:


Lunch was leftover Laughing Cow Alfredo Bake topped with grated Parmesan cheese (from the Amish store) and a little drizzle of EVOO. This was a first go ’round for us and this recipe. We both liked it, but I thought it was a little bland when we originally had it for dinner. We both agree that it’s much better reheated for lunches.


Workout at work was nice. She had lots of stations set up where we had to lie on our back. That’s the one exercise restriction I have right now so I had to improvise. We did the squat, curl, press move last Friday and I really liked it so I stuck that’s become one of my go-to moves for stations where I need to get creative.

After April, I’ll have to find something new to do fitness-wise on my lunch hours. The weather is getting nice and less people are interested in participating because they want to go walk. The employee fitness room will still be available although the only equipment is a stationary bike, heavy weight bench and an ab recliner. I’m thinking about bringing my own light dumbbells or loading up some mp3 files from yogadownload.com onto my iPod and carrying in my yoga mat. Walks are always an option. I just get bored easily and need to keep it mixed up.

Post-workout snack was a sliced apple. Have I ever told y’all how much I LOVE my Pampered Chef slicer? Cuz I do.


I had a huge energy dip around 3:00 in the afternoon. I’m not quite sure where it came from, but it was bad. All I wanted to do was put my head down, clothes my eyes and snooze. I’m blaming the tired (and my lack of willpower) for giving in when a coworker said she was going to the soda shop across the street for sundaes. I had a single-dipper with a generous dolop of hot fudge sauce, whipped cream & a cherry. The sugar shocked my system and I was beyond wide awake for the rest of the day.


Friday night dinner was quick and easy. I had fat free hot dogs, no bun and spicy mustard. To redeem myself nutritionally, I also had a small side salad. No idea why I didn’t snap a photo although it was far from exciting.


The morning got off to a quick start when my husband’s coworker called to say his new company truck was ready to be picked up. One catch. It was sitting at a plant about an hour and a half away. He asked (very nicely) if I’d drive him up and I agreed. It was up, showered, dressed and out the door. I did manage to throw together a PB&J sandwich to eat on the road, but no picture.

We were home before noon and both pretty hungry. I had a Boca Chik’n Patty on an Arnold’s Multigrain Sandwich Thin with 2% American cheese & spicy mustard. On the side, I had a handful of Ranch flavored Potato Crisps. These are really good and a nice, more natural alternative to potato chips.


My husband and I spent a few hours working in the yard. We’re ripping out some shrubs and ornamental grass from a flower bed that were there when we moved in last year, but it’s proved to be a bigger job than we’d anticipated. My husband did the shoveling and I did the pulling which, at one point, resulted in stabbing myself in the lip with something straw-like. We tried until we just couldn’t take it anymore and laughed…a lot.

My husband’s best friend from high school stopped by shortly after we finished and they spent the entire evening (and well into the night) catching up. He’s a great guy and they don’t see each other often enough so I was glad to see them hanging out. I bounced back and forth between their conversation and reading for my Nutrition and Wellness Consultant certification. Around dinner time, I offered to fix something. They said they weren’t hungry enough to eat a full meal, but took me up on my offer of snacks. After serving them, I realized that I was a little hungry and in the mood for something hot.



Pacific Foods Organic Spicy Chicken Fajita

Ingredients: water, organic onion, organic kidney beans, organic white rice, organic chicken meat, organic red bell peppers, organic green bell peppers, organic garlic, organic chicken flavor (organic ground chicken with juices, sea salt, organic chicken flavor, organic onion powder, organic potato flour, organic carrot powder, organic turmeric, flavor, and organic black pepper), organic olive oil, organic jalapeno peppers, sea salt, organic spices

Nutrition Information: (per serving; 2 servings per can)
Calories: 160
Total Fat: 2.5g
Saturated Fat: 0g
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 5mg
Sodium: 710mg
Total Carbohydrates: 26g
Dietary Fiber: 5g
Sugars: 1g
Protein: 8g


The pros: Yum! I loved the texture of this soup. The rice, veggies and beans tasted great together. The broth had just the right amount of seasoning without overpowering any of the other flavors. The protein content was higher than most other canned soups and left me feeling very full. I’d absolutely buy this soup again as either a quick dinner or easy to transport lunch.

The cons: The sodium content was the biggest drawback for me. I ate both servings which was almost my entire sodium allowance for the day! I could absolutely feel the effects in my swollen fingers the rest of the evening. The soup didn’t taste salty at all so I was a bit surprised by this. I was also surprised to see chicken listed so high on the ingredients list because I think there were only 5 or 6 small pieces in the entire can. This was fine with me because I usually pick the meat out of canned soups anyway, but I could see a serious carnivore (like my husband) being disillusioned.

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Have you ever been so tired that you weren’t even close to hungry when it was your normal time to eat?

That was me yesterday morning. I skipped an AM meal completely because I didn’t sleep well Monday night and was exhausted yesterday morning.

I snapped out of it around 10AM and then became a bottomless pit. First I ate some GenSoy cheddar soy crisps.


A little later, I had some dry roasted almonds and started chugging water from my new reusable Gaiam water bottle. Notice the lovely flowers brought to me by a coworker from her garden. Totally made my day.



The lunch I’m about to show you might disgust some and intrigue others. It’s called Corndog Casserole and the recipe came from a friend. It’s basically boxed cornbread mix, sliced-up hot dogs, shredded cheese, milk, plain yogurt and a bit of this and that. It really does taste like a corndog and it’s a bit healthier than its fair-time counterpart. Plenty of mustard on the side for dipping. (Sorry the pic isn’t rotated. Not sure if it’s wordpress or my iPhoto.


I was a little late to my workout at work because I was, well, actually working. The phone always seems to ring just about the time I’m headed to change clothes. Gotta love tax season! Yesterday’s session focused on back and legs which felt really good.

My afternoon snack was a yummy, under ripened, organic Chiquita. banana!


Confession: I always try to get the banana with the sticker and it almost always ends up being worn on my forehead. 🙂


I guess my body was making up for not being hungry in the morning by being extra hungry in the afternoon. My tummy got grumbly right around quittin’ time so I munched on a SoyJoy Pineapple Mango bar-like thing. I discovered these a year or so ago and this one is my favorite flavor. They’re a little higher in sugar than I normally prefer, but very filling.



It was cold and snowy (in APRIL!!!) and my husband sent me a text message saying it was a perfect night for soup and grilled cheese. He volunteered to do the cooking and I agreed because he’s a much better cheese griller than I am. While he slaved away in the kitchen, I fixed myself a POM+Perrier spritzer (aka “pregnant lady cocktail”) using the POM Wonderful Pomegranate Tangerine juice I picked up at the grocery on sale last weekend.


It tasted more pomegranatey than tangeriney, but the tangerine part added a yummy kick of extra tartness. It was fizzy, but the glass actually has bubbles molded into the plastic so it looks extra fizzy.


The chef’s soup of choice was classic Campbell’s Chicken Noodle. I had my grilled cheese on an Arnold’s Multigrain Sandwich Thin. In custard cups, I had small portions of lowfat cottage cheese and baked beans. I ended up not being able to finish my soup. Guess my eyes were bigger than my tummy.


To make up for my lack of sleep the night before, I headed to bed around 8:30. I was planning to “just relax” there while watching Biggest Loser, but I was out cold just after the reward challenge. I don’t think it was even 9:00! Guess that’s just my body’s way of telling me “YOU NEED SLEEP!”

Are there certain foods you eat or crave more when it’s cold outside? What about when it’s hot?

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The day started off a little cloudy and rainy. By 10AM the sun was shining and it was up in the high 70s. In Ohio! In MARCH! Unfortunately I didn’t even get to go outside and enjoy it until after work.

I guess I’ll start from the beginning. Breakfast at home was a toasted Weight Watchers bagel with peanut butter. My camera was already in my purse in the car so I skipped the picture. Trust me, though. It was ooey gooey goodness at its finest.

As I said, the commute was pretty rainy. I didn’t see any lightening, but I did hear some rumblings. The time change means it’s back to driving in the dark in the morning. It’s a fair trade off for having an hour of daylight when I get home.

I got settled in at my desk and had an organic banana around 8:30.


I was hungry again at 10:30 and wanted something hot. I went ahead and microwaved my can of Progresso Light Vegetable & Barley soup. I had a “side” of string cheese.


Another Tuesday. Another workout at work day. Yesterday was pretty heavy on the lower body. We did a few new things that were really tough including grass diggers, various squats, BOSU trainer weighted step ups and opposite extensions on our toes rather than our knees. Hurt so good! I’m afraid this might be our last month. Some of the ladies seem to be getting burned out on the time commitment and others are questioning the intensity. We pay a set rate per session divided by the number of people participating. If they drop out, the cost might skyrocket and others might leave based on the expense. I hope this isn’t the case.

The workout left me pretty hungry. Mini-meal #4 of the day was Sabra hummus, baby carrots and a delicious plum.


This is the first time I’ve tried Sabra (thanks to all the mention in bloggie land) and it was wonderful! I liked the texture a lot better than the brand I normally buy. I bought the original flavor, but the “Insanely Hot” variety was tempting. Anyone tried it? What are your thoughts?

I spent the rest of the afternoon working away while sipping on decaf hot tea. Late in the afternoon my stomach was growling and I treated it to a Pumpkin Pie Spice Clif bar. Dear Clif, PLEASE make this flavor and the Iced Gingerbread flavor available year round. They’re just too dang good to be seasonal!


I was shocked when I finally hit the doors at 5:00PM. It was still in the 70s with glorious sunshine. The pooch loved hanging her head out the window on the way home and got a little upset when I rolled it up to get on the highway.

My husband was already home when I got there. He had every door of his “man cave” (our large garage/outbuilding) open and he was working away on some random projects. I sat and chatted with him while he worked before deciding that I wanted to take advantage of the weather and MOVE! I walked to the village municipal building to drop off the water bill, then around the corner to mail a letter at the post office. Once my hands were free, I broke into a jog and took the long way home. It felt SO amazingly good to exercise outside again. It put me in a great mood for the rest of the evening and it was like a shot of instant energy.

When I got back I washed up and started dinner. The original recipe came from a friend, but I’ve tweaked it over time to suit our tastes a little. Here’s my version:

Chicken Baseballs


2 cups chicken breasts, cooked & chopped
4 oz. cream cheese (I use reduced fat.) or 4 wedges of Laughing Cow Swiss cheese
2 tsp. butter or margarine, melted
1/4 of a small onion, chopped
1 glove garlic, minced
1/4 tsp. sea salt
1/4 tsp. ground black pepper
2 tsp. hot pepper sauce (increase/decrease to your taste)
1 tube refrigerated crescent rolls

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Combine all ingredients (except the crescent rolls) until well blended. You can put it all in the food processor or just stir it together in a bowl.

3. Divide crescent rolls into 4 equal pieces (2 triangles per piece) and seal the seams together to form 4 squarish rectangles.

4. Place 1/4 of the chicken mixture (about 1/2 cup) onto each piece of crescent roll.

5. Fold corners or each crescent roll over the top of the mixture to form a pouch.

6. Place “baseballs” on a baking sheet sprayed with cooking spray and bake until the crescent rolls are done, about 20 minutes.

Here’s a closer look at the inside:


They’re really tasty, almost like individual chicken pot pies. You can add whatever other seasonings you like. They’re also good with extra veggies (like carrots and celery) added to the mixture.

No real need for a starchy side because of the crescent rolls. We had ours last night with corn and cottage cheese. I had one baseball, my husband had 2 and then he swiped the last one to pack in his lunch.


After dinner we settled in the living room to finish watching The Biggest Loser before heading to bed. This season is so much different than last year. The people this time seem to genuinely care about and like one another while the last go round was full of pettiness and mean spiritedness.

What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

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The way my day started of was strange to stay the least. I remember waking up around 1:15AM and not being able to fall back asleep. The next thing I remember is waking up on the couch as my husband was saying goodbye and leaving for work. I don’t remember a thing in between. According to my husband, I got up when his alarm went off (2 hours before mine does, hit the snooze button and headed for the living room. I’m usually a really sound sleeper and I’ve never had issues with sleep walking or talking. So strange.

I did get up and out the door for work on time. During my commute I drank a Horizon Organic milk box. I love these things! They’re delicious organic milk in convenient to-go packaging. There’s even a little telescoping straw.


I didn’t make my batch of oats over the weekend so I’ve been eating alternative breakfasts this week. Today that meant some organic mini-waffles with maple syrup. These aren’t usually considered an easy food to transport so I’ve had to get creative. I pop my waffles in the toaster before I leave for work, put them in a container and top with maple syrup. When I get to work I just pop them in the microwave for one minute. They’re a little mushy, but that’s the way I like them.


No picture of lunch. Sorry. I was really hungry and there were lots of people around my desk so I didn’t want to whip out the camera. It was just a can of Campbell’s Won Ton soup so you’re not missing out on anything exciting.

That brings us to the title of this post. Our benefits coordinator at work has been trying really hard to put together some healthy initiatives. One of those is a lunchtime workout. She found a program at the local hospital where an instructor comes to our building and brings equipment for a 30-minute session. We’ll be working out 2 times per week and the cost is $20 per month per person. Today was the first day and we had a good turnout. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about how much of a workout I would actually be getting. Today gained my faith 100%. The exercises are set up circuit style and they’re mostly things that can be modified by each individual to match their own fitness level. I was surprised by how good my body felt after the 30 minutes were over. I could definitely tell that I’d just worked out. Can’t wait to do more on Friday!

I packed an apple for a post-workout snack, but didn’t feel hungry enough to eat it.

I was a bit late getting out of the office so I was pretty hungry when I got home. I forgot to put the meat for the meal I’d planned in the refrigerator to thaw so we improvised. My husband had soup & a turkey sandwich. I had leftover homemade enchiladas with reduced-fat sour cream, sliced black olives & some salsa. Not pretty, but very yummy and filling. On the side I had baby carrots and (You guessed it!) Annie’s Goddess dressing for dipping.



I’m pooped so bedtime isn’t far off. Hope everyone had a happy Tuesday!

Does your employer do anything to encourage employees to live a healthier lifestyle? If so, what? If not, what do you wish they would do?

There are some incredible giveaways going on right now in blog land! Heather & Mark over at Hangry Pants are giving away some Almond Butter. But wait! There’s more! Bobbi from N Her Shoes is offering up a Camelbak water bottle.

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My day started off with a cup of coffee with the hubby. I fixed a light breakfast of peanut butter and blackberry jam on low-cal wheat toast. This is not any jam, ladies and gentlemen. This is amazing-mouth-water-crave-it-in-your-sleep jam made and sold at the Amish store just up the road from our house. The people there are extremely friendly and I could stand in there for hours watching them make pasta, pastries, jams, jellies & bread. They also sell a lot of unique and natural ingredients. That’s a great thing considering the closest TJ’s is an hour away and the closest Whole Foods is around an hour and a half. Anyway, here’s the picture:


The drive to work was a little slower than usual. Snow was still covering some of the roadways and I ended up in a huge line of traffic that formed behind a car doing 15 MPH. This was a bit unnecessary in my opinion. It wasn’t *that* bad. Oh well. I arrived safely and immediately got to work on a cup of hot tea. It was a variety I’d never tried before; Tazo Passion. I liked it a lot. Definitely something I’d have to be in the mood for though. It was really fruity and tart. It was a really pretty color, too.


Around 10 I started to get hungry again. I was still cold so I had another cup of tea (Tazo Lotus) and a container of Dannon Light ‘n’ Fit Peach yogurt. It was tasty. I wish I’d brought some fresh fruit to bulk it up because I could tell it wasn’t going to stick with me.


I pack my lunch from home almost every day, but today I was going out with my friend and former boss, Miste. We went to a place called Seasons Bistro & Grille which is right across the street from my office. Their menu changes 4 times a year to reflect what’s in season. They also use organic and local produce and meats whenever possible. Good thing it’s close because it was 2 degrees outside and we didn’t want to walk very far.

I started with a mixed greens salad (didn’t eat the onions because I don’t like them) tossed with a lemon vinaigrette. Yum!


For my entree I chose a veggie sandwich on wheat toast with herbed cream cheese spread. Oh, and a pickle spear! The veggies were cucumbers, roasted red peppers, greens & shredded carrots. This was really good although I wish the bread had been a little more hearty because the moisture from the veggies made it a little soggy. Still, very enjoyable.


We bundled back up (it was 12 degrees) and headed back to the office where I spent a productive afternoon…and commented on some of your blogs. 🙂 Lunch kept me full until around 4 o’clock when I ate 1/2 of a green pepper, sliced and topped with a wedge of Laughing Cow Light cheese.


I was rushing across the street on the way to my car in order to beat the crosswalk sign. I heard a faint *click* sound, but waited until I was safely across to turn around and see what it was. When I did, I saw lipgloss laying in the middle of the road. I was NOT going to let it go without a fight and decided to wait until traffic had passed and I could safely retrieve it. That was not to be. A car ran right over the tube and smashed it. My heart sank. This was not just any lipgloss. It was my favorite. The perfect shade, the perfect consistency, the perfect applicator, EVERYTHING! Of course when I told my husband he was confused by my extreme reaction. “Just go buy another one,” he said. That’s the real problem, though. It was part of a set my mom gave me for Christmas and it’s only available in that set. She bought it from QVC at a special introductory price on the first day it was available. The price is now more than double what it was that day and I really don’t need 2 of the other things in that set. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that they release the stand-alone version sometime soon.

It was soo tempting to just take a hot bath and change into warm PJs, after my drive home. I didn’t, though. Instead, my husband, sister-in-law and I hit the gym. I did 10 minutes on the elliptical, then 3 sets of some upper and lower body with 10 minutes of brisk walking at an incline between each set. I was really glad I went. It helped me warm up and felt good to use my muscles.

Neither of us wanted a big dinner by the time we got home so it was more leftover turkey meatloaf muffins (it was a big batch) and some won ton soup.

I just finished cleaning up the kitchen so I’m going to head to bed. Good night!

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