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My friend Linda and I have attended the Dayton Metro Library book sale for the last 3 years and it’s something I look forward to every year. This year was even more fun than usual because my friend Mandy and my sister-in-law were able to join us. We all love to read so it was fun to shop and chat about books, all at the same time. Without realizing it, we spent nearly 4 hours perusing the tables. There were LOTS of tables. This is just a small glimpse of the setup:

Mother of the year right here. Peanut was at the book sale with us, but I didn’t snap even one picture of her. Yes, I took pictures of books and random strangers, but not of my own child. Thankfully Mandy was all over her camera and got some great pictures. Check out her blog for some adorableness. I’m talking about Peanut, not the photo with me in it. πŸ™‚ Too bad I was too obsessed with the books to think about getting a picture of Mandy and I together. 😦

I haven’t counted the books I bought, but I’d say it’s in the 30-40 range, all for just $14! I very rarely buy books except at this book sale so I was excited to have found some things that were on my wish list.

After the book sale, Linda, my sister-in-law and I went to PF Changs for lunch. We were STARVING so I treated the whole table to lettuce wraps as an appetizer. For my main meal, I had the lunch portion bowl of Moo Goo Gai Pan with brown rice and egg drop soup. I looked up the nutrition information later so that I could track my Weight Watchers points. Want to know what I discovered? The lunch bowl is actually considered TWO portions. Really? You get one cup of egg drop soup which is obviously one serving, but then the meal itself is designed to serve two people. I don’t get it. Can someone enlighten me to this logic? I knew I was splurging a bit on calories and had them budgeted. I was just disappointed with the marketing. The menu makes it sound like you’re selecting a reasonable portion but then, like most restaurant dishes, you end up getting way more than a healthy portion. I guess it could have been worse. Yes, I should know what a healthy portion looks like. Yes, I should have looked it up BEFORE I went to the restaurant. I just get tired of confusing marketing tactics that target people who are trying to choose something healthy.

*steps off soapbox*

Peanut and I’s weekend didn’t end there. After the book sale and lunch, we met my mom at a hotel outside of Dayton for a scrapbooking retreat. Yes, boys and girls. I’m one of those crazy scrapbookers. My mom and I got into the hobby when I was a junior in high school and we were immediately hooked. I do some scrapbooking at home, but most of my projects get accomplished at the various scrapbooking events (usually called “crops”) we attend several times each year. Working on my albums at these events is fun, but I attend more for the quality time with my mom and socializing with the other lovely ladies. This particular crop was a 2-day event so we stayed the night in the hotel and got back to work on our scrapbooks on Sunday.

I like being out and about, but it’s always nice to come home. Peanut’s eyes lit up when she saw my husband and again when she spotted the dog. I was happy to see them, too. My husband spent the weekend watching the NFL draft which is something that induces giddiness in him each year. Still, I think he was glad to see us when we returned.

While we were gone, he also watched an episode of Guy’s Big Bites. It’s his favorite show on Food Network. He was so excited about the recipe that he’d seen and I ended up making it for dinner last night because ingredients were pretty basic and we had them all in the house already.

Coyote Quesedillas.

I didn’t specifically make the blackening spice shown. Instead, I just sprinkled the chicken breasts with cumin, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika & cayenne pepper while they cooked on the grill pan. I used fat free refried beans and 8-inch whole wheat tortillas instead of 10-inch flour tortillas.

We skipped the two topping recipes because my husband doesn’t care for corn and black bean salsa and we didn’t have chipotle peppers handy for the drizzling sauce. Instead, we just used reduced-fat sour cream, jarred salsa and fresh cilantro.

If you like Mexican, you NEED to make these. So good! In fact, they were so good that I tweeted @ChefGuyFieri to rave about the recipe. My husband requested that the recipe go in our “make regularly” file. That’s what he says when he REALLY likes something. As Guy Fieri would say, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner.” πŸ™‚

Do you watch cooking shows? If so, what’s your favorite?


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One month until my next race! My sister-in-law, the wife of my husband’s coworker and I are signed up and confirmed for the Commit to be Fit 5k on May 2nd in Columbus, Ohio. I’m going to run when I can, walk when I can’t. This is by far the largest race I’ve ever entered and it should be loads of fun. There are DJs set up throughout the course so you can hear constant music without needing your iPod AND there’s free pizza waiting at the end. Holla!

Yesterday was GORGEOUS! Unfortunately, I was stuck at my desk most of the day. On nice days, I feel lucky that we have floor-to-ceiling windows and my cube is sort of in a corner so I have 2 window walls instead of 1.

Breakfast was 12-grain bread (swiped from my parents) spread with cream cheese. It doesn’t look like much, but it kept me full for a good long while.


Late morning I had some leftover organic whole wheat rotini sprinkled with a little Parmesan cheese & drizzled with EVOO. Yes. I do love me some carbs.


I had an appointment to drop my car off for an oil change during my lunch hour and pick it up after work since the place is only about 2 blocks from my office. My original idea was to go to the library after I dropped it off, but it was just too nice to be inside. I decided to walk to the nearby park instead for a picnic.

I finished up my homemade egg salad with some water crackers and sipped refreshing, cold water and True Lime from my reusable bottle.



The sky was the most beautiful shade of blue and the clouds were fluffy like cotton balls. Here’s a pic from my walk back to the office:


Afternoon snacks were a pear and a Chocolate Chip Clif Bar. I really like this flavor, but I think it tastes more like molasses (yum!) than chocolate.



As soon as I got home we went to sign our tax documents at the preparers house so he can efile them. We only owe $42 to the state and got lots more than that back from the federal. I’d like to say that we’re spending it on something fun, but most of it is earmarked to replace shingles we lost during the fall & winter wind storms. Just one of the many joys of home ownership. πŸ™‚

For dinner, I threw together some enchiladas made with lean ground beef and whole wheat tortillas. We’re on a big “finish up partial boxes of stuff on the lazy Susan kick” so it was white rice on the side. When you’re used to brown or long grain, white rice just seems so bland.

Making Mexican food always reminds me of my trip to Morelia, Mexico when I was in high school. I studied there for two weeks in an intensive language immersion program and stayed with a family who lived near the school. The mother in my home away from home took me to the market with her every day after my classes let out and then let me help her prepare dinner. The whole trip was incredible and I learned as much about the culture as I did about the language.


I wanted veggies too so I had some leftovers from my stir fry dinner on Wednesday night.


Sorry about the lack of quality photos. I was starving.

In giveaway news:

Bobbi is offering up a fabulous Ultra Light Packable Pullover from Danskin.

Sarah will have FIVE winners of her Bob’s Red Mill contest.

Becca is giving away some CIA goodies. πŸ™‚

Do you like to eat outdoors? Do you prefer to dine inside or outside?

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*takes deep breath*

That’s the first time I’ve had a chance to do that since my last post. Work is still hectic, but that makes the day go by fast so it’s all good. I’ve been pretty tired in the evenings so it’s been dinner, workout, a little reading and then bed. To make up for my lack of posting this week I have something exciting in store for early next week. It may or may not be my very first giveaway! πŸ˜‰

Here’s the recap of my eats:

I’m now on a Kashi cereal kick. I had GoLean Crunch Tuesday & again this morning with organic skim milk. No pic since it looked the exact same as Monday.

I’m still digging the Horizon Organic milk boxes and they’ve been an every morning commute treat this week.


My super sweet coworker knows I love tea and brought me an extra that she picked up at Panera. She forgot what it was so I had to be a bit adventurous. I’m pretty sure it was hibiscus flower or something along that line. I wish I knew because it was good and the perfect cure for my icky morning tummy syndrom. The picture is very unexciting, but I took it anyway.


There were no leftovers from Monday night’s dinner. Poor planning resulted in the need to bust out another frozen meal. This one is my favorite Lean Cuisine called Sesame Chicken.


Tuesday means lunchtime workout at work. I’m really enjoying the sessions. Still not an extreme burn, but nice toning exercises mixed with just enough cardio. It’s also nice to get to know some of the other ladies in my building better. I’ve also discovered that I really, really love the Bosu trainer.

I’ll be really sad when the pineapple is gone. It made a perfect post-workout snack. Maybe it will reappear on the grocery list for next week.


My husband was dressed and ready for the gym when I got home so I changed and we headed out. I did about 30 minutes on the elliptical, bench pressed ten reps at a lightish weight and then stretched while my husband finished his workout.

Dinner was taco salad, a quick and easy favorite in our house. I topped my bed of romaine and green leaf lettuces with seasoned lean ground beef, salsa, reduced fat sour cream and shredded mozzarella cheese. I know, I know. I was going to add jalapeΓ±o peppers, but my husband (who loves spicy stuff) put a few on his salad and cried when he took a bite. lol



I had a large vanilla creme (noninterference from my boss this time) as soon as I got to work. Basically just a latte without the espresso. Slowly but surely I’m quitting the coffee. Today marks one week completely coffee free! Notice I didn’t say caffeine free. I’m still relying heavily on tea. I can’t have herbal teas (doctor’s orders) which really stinks. Herbs aren’t regulated by the FDA and there are just too many questions and conflicting studies about their effects on pregnant women. I know Yogi makes a prenatal tea, but even that got the thumbs down when I asked. My go-to this week has been Lipton Red Rose.

I ran errands Wednesday at lunch and brought back a salad from the grocery salad bar. It was made up of mixed greens, chopped hard-boiled egg, diced tomatoes, chickpeas, jalapeΓ±o peppers, cucumbers and two kinds of cheese with Kraft Light Ranch for fork dipping.


Dinner was a favorite in our household, chicken meatballs! The recipe came from The Biggest Loser Cookbook and they’re actually called Muscling up Meatballs. I usually just eyeball everything except the ground chicken and eggs so they never taste the same twice.

At my bridal shower this time last year we played a game where I had to guess my husband’s responses to questions they’d asked him ahead of time. One of them was “What is his favorite meal that you (meaning I) make?” His answer? Chicken meatballs. πŸ™‚

Our side dishes were Annie’s White Cheddar Mac & Cheese and steamed Italian vegetables.


Thursday eats weren’t exciting so no pictures. Lunch was a repeat of Wednesday’s dinner. My snacks were Annie’s White Cheddar Bunnies and a banana, both of which you’ve seen before.

It was so cold and windy yesterday! My poor husband worked outside in it all day and had serious trouble getting his body temp regulated once he got home. My cousin called last night to tell me she’s pregnant with baby #3. Her due date is one week ahead of mine. We’re waiting a little longer before we tell anyone except our parents, my sister-in-law and all of you. It was sooo hard not to spill the beans! One month from today I’ll be 12 weeks at statistically out of the woods for any major complications. That’s when we’re planning to share the news with everyone else.

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

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I’m afraid that the food portion of my blog may become very, very random. Please don’t try to make sense of it. It’s not rational. According to my doctor, when I’m hungry I should listen to my body and give it what it needs. I’m trying to take that advice and get something in me when I’m hungry while still remaining as health-minded as possible.

Yesterday I forgot my camera (again) which was no huge loss because my eats basically consisted of cheese, more cheese, milk and green beans. Exciting, huh?

Today was a little bit better. I started my day with a peanut butter and blueberry jam (Amish store again) sandwich on a multigrain Arnold’s Sandwich Thin as soon as I got to work.


A little later I was hungry again so I snacked on Kashi TLC crackers and the last of my Cabot Reduced Fat Cheddar cheese. I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture before I scarfed it down.

Lunch was another variety of Cedarlane wrap.

*Product Review*
Low Fat Beans, Rice & Cheese Style Burrito.


This was basically like a burrito with lots of beans, a little rice and some cheese. Very gooey, tasty and filling. It reminded me a lot of the Amy’s burritos I’ve had in the past. I could see bulking this up by topping it with lettuce, salsa, sour cream, olives and other veggies for a hearty dinner. For nutrition information or ingredients list, click here.

The only other thing I ate at work was a sugar-free vanilla pudding cup. My husband wasn’t hungry when I got home which was fine because I really wasn’t either. I did decide to eat something after I changed out of my work clothes and did some laundry. I had a little whole wheat pasta drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with some grated parmesan cheese.

In honor of my completely random menus the last two days, here’s a completely random question of the day:
What’s your favorite color? πŸ˜€

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The way my day started of was strange to stay the least. I remember waking up around 1:15AM and not being able to fall back asleep. The next thing I remember is waking up on the couch as my husband was saying goodbye and leaving for work. I don’t remember a thing in between. According to my husband, I got up when his alarm went off (2 hours before mine does, hit the snooze button and headed for the living room. I’m usually a really sound sleeper and I’ve never had issues with sleep walking or talking. So strange.

I did get up and out the door for work on time. During my commute I drank a Horizon Organic milk box. I love these things! They’re delicious organic milk in convenient to-go packaging. There’s even a little telescoping straw.


I didn’t make my batch of oats over the weekend so I’ve been eating alternative breakfasts this week. Today that meant some organic mini-waffles with maple syrup. These aren’t usually considered an easy food to transport so I’ve had to get creative. I pop my waffles in the toaster before I leave for work, put them in a container and top with maple syrup. When I get to work I just pop them in the microwave for one minute. They’re a little mushy, but that’s the way I like them.


No picture of lunch. Sorry. I was really hungry and there were lots of people around my desk so I didn’t want to whip out the camera. It was just a can of Campbell’s Won Ton soup so you’re not missing out on anything exciting.

That brings us to the title of this post. Our benefits coordinator at work has been trying really hard to put together some healthy initiatives. One of those is a lunchtime workout. She found a program at the local hospital where an instructor comes to our building and brings equipment for a 30-minute session. We’ll be working out 2 times per week and the cost is $20 per month per person. Today was the first day and we had a good turnout. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about how much of a workout I would actually be getting. Today gained my faith 100%. The exercises are set up circuit style and they’re mostly things that can be modified by each individual to match their own fitness level. I was surprised by how good my body felt after the 30 minutes were over. I could definitely tell that I’d just worked out. Can’t wait to do more on Friday!

I packed an apple for a post-workout snack, but didn’t feel hungry enough to eat it.

I was a bit late getting out of the office so I was pretty hungry when I got home. I forgot to put the meat for the meal I’d planned in the refrigerator to thaw so we improvised. My husband had soup & a turkey sandwich. I had leftover homemade enchiladas with reduced-fat sour cream, sliced black olives & some salsa. Not pretty, but very yummy and filling. On the side I had baby carrots and (You guessed it!) Annie’s Goddess dressing for dipping.



I’m pooped so bedtime isn’t far off. Hope everyone had a happy Tuesday!

Does your employer do anything to encourage employees to live a healthier lifestyle? If so, what? If not, what do you wish they would do?

There are some incredible giveaways going on right now in blog land! Heather & Mark over at Hangry Pants are giving away some Almond Butter. But wait! There’s more! Bobbi from N Her Shoes is offering up a Camelbak water bottle.

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Sorry to leave you all hangin’ this weekend. It was a bit hectic and my eats weren’t too exciting. Here’s a quick recap:

Saturday – I went to the grocery. It wasn’t my favorite place to shop. I only went there because they have polenta and I can never find it at my favorite store. It was a madhouse with all the Super Bowl shoppers stocking up on soda, chips & beer. I didn’t spend much time perusing because of the crowds. When I got home my husband and I went to the Amish store and stocked up on cheese, jams and other goodies. My sister-in-law called when I got home and asked if we wanted to go sledding at her house. The flower girl from our wedding (she’s 7) loves to sled so it was a snow party! Soooo much fun. Here’s my husband and I. Don’t laugh. Okay, you can laugh. It was hysterical:


We came home and had the classic after-sledding snack: hot chocolate. I paired mine with a few whole wheat fig bars from the Amish store. They are delicious! Yes, those are napkins from our wedding in March. We have so many leftover and we’re still using them. At this rate, it will be 6 years before we’re through them. I ordered the wrong color the first time so we had 6 boxes of the color shown plus 2 boxes left over from the wedding in the correct color (sage green).


I wasn’t really hungry at dinner time so I just had some Kashi crackers, Cabot reduced fat sharp cheddar and summer sausage from the Amish store.


Sunday – The day started around 3:30 when I got up to go to the bathroom and found something out that might slightly alter the content of my food photos for a while. I’ll post more details later, but it’s good news. Very, very good news. πŸ˜‰ Breakfast was an omelet courtesy of my husband.

The rest of the day was very low key. I cleaned the house, took a nap and then a few things together for munching during the Super Bowl. My husband made cheeseburgers for himself and my sister-in-law. I had a Gardenburger Portobello burger on an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin with smoked hot pepper cheese & spicy sweet mustard. We watched the game, said goodbye to sister-in-law and then headed to bed. So exciting.

Today – I had a lot of things on my mind this morning and forgot my camera. My food for the day was pretty uneventful. Breakfast was organic waffles, lunch was a repeat of my Super Bowl dinner with a Chik’n patty in place of the Portobello burger, snack was green pepper slices with balsamic vinaigrette and dinner was homemade enchiladas.

I’ll be back tomorrow night and there will be pictures. Have a great night!

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