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5k Flashback

I was looking back through my old posts last night and really realized how long this “break” has been. Too long. Far too long.

I didn’t even get to share my last 5k with all of you! At 18 weeks pregnant, it was harder than I thought. There’s something about internal organs being mashed up under your ribcage that makes breathing just a teensy bit more difficult. I did my very best. Ran when I could. Walked when my body started yelling at me. No land speed records were set, but I was proud of myself for giving it my all. My husband took this hideous scary lovely picture afterward:


Please disregard the Panera bagel that’s being shoveled into my mouth. I’m pretty sure I burned at least half enough calories during the race to cover it. Mmmm. Asiago cheese. My favorite.

I’d planned to race again (another 5k) tomorrow, but was strongly discouraged from doing so by my doctor. Heat was his main concern. Oh, and the fact that I’m not supposed to be doing anything high impact. Baby is priority #1 right now so I’m heading his advice and sitting this one out. Maybe I’ll go for a 3.1 mile walk on the bike path instead.


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A New Direction

I’ve been struggling a lot lately with my “vision” for this blog. Hence my lack of posting. I’ve come to the conclusion that the daily food journal format just isn’t quite working for me. The primary reason is that my food is repetitive and, well, boring.

I don’t want to stop blogging. I find it fun and I enjoy the sense of community I’ve found with all of you lovely bloggers. Food & fitness will remain the main focuses of Up Fit Creek. I’ll just be branching out beyond my daily eats or workouts. Most of the posts will remain food-focused (recipes, product reviews, fun foodie experiences), but some will be my random musings or center around other things going on in my life. I hope you’ll all continue to read and share this journey with me!

To catch you all up to speed since my last post:

  • I passed my AFPA Nutrition & Wellness Consultant certification exam! I’ve been brainstorming some ways to utilize this credential to its fullest.
  • We had an ultrasound on May 27th to check progress and determine the sex of our upcoming bundle of joy. The good news: Baby is growing right on schedule and all of my blood work has been clean. The doctor said everything points to a completely healthy baby. The umbilical cord was right between the legs and that stubborn little thing wouldn’t budge so no concrete results on the sex. The doctor didn’t get the angle he needed to do the head measurement so my next appointment on June 24th will also be an ultrasound. We’ll attempt to find out the sex again, but if it’s still hidden we’re going to take that as a sign and ride it out until the delivery to find out. The control freak planner in me is freaking out about this prospect.
  • My husband and I have done a ton of landscaping and gardening projects lately, including my very first vegetable garden! Nothing edible yet (except herbs), but everything is growing nicely and it’s fun to tend.
  • My exercise has been restricted a little bit per doctor’s orders. No more running or anything high impact. I’m still rocking the prenatal yoga from YogaDownload on a regular basi, walking up a storm and throwing some strength DVDs into the mix here and there.
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